If I had a person like myself to teach, guide, and push me to my limits, my story might have been different. Instead of playing at Nebraska, it may have been Duke or North Carolina. Instead of playing professionally overseas, it may have been in the NBA.

I want kids to reach their full potential, whatever that is. Going from not making the team to making the team. Going from High School to College, and earning a scholarship. Making it to the NBA!

I don’t want them to have any regrets, because they put their Heart & Soul into this game.

I’m a ‘Hands On’ Trainer

I want the kids to work on their skills; however, I want them to incorporate those skills into a ‘game-like’ atmosphere. No cones, no objects. A real person making them push themselves and making them figure it out as if they were in a GAME! I want to challenge them and give them an idea of what to expect if they wish to keep making strides. I want them to build confidence in going against someone who has played at a high level and take that confidence and go as far as their mind and body will take them.

It has nothing to do with me and what I have done. It’s all about the kids. My enjoyment is watching them grow and build confidence, all while having fun and enjoying BASKETBALL, the game WE love!